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Tessa Clark, Bachelor of Midwifery

Tessa Clark

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I loved the real sense of community, the flexibility, and the commitment to going deeper than just the standard curriculum.

The Bachelor of Midwifery was an intense, fulfilling wild ride of a course! Such hard work, but so worth it. My highlight would have to be the many weeks of clinical placement - getting out there and putting in to practice all that we had been learning.

The dedication to exploring ethics and spiritual matters with students. Working alongside women as a midwife has a very spiritual dimension to it, and to have focused on this throughout uni has been so helpful.

I commenced a graduate year at Sunshine Hospital in 2014, and stayed there working as a core midwife for another 9 months after that. Since then, I've been working as a caseload midwife through Sunshine.

  • Graduate midwife (2014) - Sunshine Hospital Registered
  • Core staff midwife (2015) - Sunshine Hospital Caseload
  • Midwife (2016) - Sunshine Hospital

Caseload Midwife - Sunshine Hospital
Working with women through their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. I work as an on-call midwife to provide continuity of care; and work with women having hospital and homebirths.

The focus on continuity of care and wholistic midwifery care through the Bachelor of Midwifery sparked this passion for working as a caseload midwife.

The focus on ethics and spirituality helps me greatly in this profession. I primarily work with young women, aboriginal women and refugee women and their families, and my study at ACU benefits me greatly.

Yes, since seeing my first birth on work experience placement in year 10 I've been on this path!

Starting homebirth midwifery within a couple of years of practice, within the safe and supportive environment of a publicly funded homebirth program.

I love working with women from all backgrounds, and empowering them to have the birth that they want.

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