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Sister Pricilla John Baptist, Bachelor of Nursing

Sister Pricilla John Baptist

2015 ACU Alumni Awards
Winner: International Contribution Award - Sister Pricilla John Baptist, Sister Geraldine Michael, Sister Anushala Alexander and Sister Virgini Edwardrajah

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There were heaps of factors which led to me becoming a part of this impressive university. The quality of education, services for international students, and the high career placement rate for example. One of the key factors that pulled me to ACU was the consistent high ranking and great reputation.

I learned and experienced so many new things in a short period of time, and it went by so fast. My classes were great and I enjoyed every one of them, especially pharmacology. The depth and detail of what I learned is far beyond my high school experience.

ACU is a very welcoming place, and from the first day, I felt at home. It is a Catholic University for all. It has high value and quality education.

Student Union. Community engagement is a core part of every student's experience at ACU, to the point where it's embedded within the courses. This allows students to give back to their communities and make a difference, whilst gaining practical work experience.

Nursing Lecturer, Holy Cross School of Nursing, Jaffna International Institute of Health Science, Colombo - I am the coordinator of the nursing school providing educational training to nursing students as well as being the clinical instructor at the hospital.

During university life I was given vast amounts of opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to learn under some of the best teachers and academic institutes in Australia. These opportunities are excellent experiences and contributed to the person that I am today and supported me in my career.

Communication, team work, problem solving, organisation, leadership. Motivation, responsibility and cooperation.

As nurses we will make an impact every single day in the lives of people in our community. We need to realise that we are the voice of the voiceless and the advocates for those who cannot advocate for themselves. We are the helping hands of the people in our community. God bless you.

Studying in Australia as an international student is a wonderful opportunity. Graduates from Melbourne universities have many job opportunities, and their qualifications are recognised throughout the world.

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