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Nicole Reeves, Bachelor of Nursing

Nicole Reeves

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I enjoyed the units offered and the freedom of location to study and the availability to the lecturers for advice and direction. North Sydney is a central location, I had the freedom of the entire city to use to my potential and was productive in my extra curricular because of what ACU had to offer.

Nursing has such a history in Australia and I want to be a part of that continuing history in making medical and healthcare in Australia the best it can be for future generations. I enjoyed the diversity and the different modes of learning involved.

It’s different in how it portrays itself against the rest of Australian universities. It offers a wide range of opportunity for those without a voice and allows people to be themselves in their own environment.

I wasn't involved as an organiser or coordinator as such but I encouraged publicity. Most of my colleagues were the organisers for the student association and I would help with gathering people from around the university campus to get involved in what was happening.

While I was studying I worked as an Assistant in Nursing at an Agency on the Central Coast before moving to Sydney by myself in my third year of studies. I was accepted to work as an Assistant in nursing in St Vincent's Hospital Emergency Department in Psychiatric Emergency.

I currently work in a General Practice as a Senior Practice Registered Nurse and as a Mental health and chronic health case manager. As a case manager for chronic and mental health, I assist the doctor in managing his patients and reviewing them on a regular basis to keep up with their health needs. I also undertake general community responsibilities: immuniser, wound care advisory, I talk to specialists on my patients behalf and advocate for patients.

ACU had a heavy emphasis on legalities in my practice and how to conduct myself as an independent. This is a position that wasn't entirely covered in my studies but the community Nursing units play a huge role in how I mold myself for this position.

Legalities, professional practice, confidence in my practice and as an individual. I am using all the clinical skills that were taught to me, even the basic skills make more of a difference to my practice. My lecturers made me much more confident as a health professional.

I have always aspired to work in a Psychiatric field. This is definitely a stepping stone towards that, whether the end goal may be emergency, or in a clinic as a community nurse. It’s not my dream job, no, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Being accepted to work in the emergency department at St Vincent's with some of the most experienced clinicians in Australia. It's also an achievement that I've become a more confident health professional which makes a huge difference in the long run. And, of course, Graduating!

Dive in, ask questions, love what you do and be good at it too. Know your strengths and weaknesses and address them because that weakness will come up in the future and you will want to know what to do in that situation. Have a passion for nursing! I definitely have a passion.

I like to make my voice heard, I have a justice approach to life and I like things to be done right. I make the most of every opportunity and make sure I leave something positive for every person I come across. I like leadership but I love teamwork and appreciate happiness and common good.

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