Health Sciences

Jo Foo, Graduate of Exercise Science (Honours)

"I had always said that I would never undertake research projects, but after working with Dr Kade Paterson and Dr Ross Clarke in my final year of my Bachelor of Exercise Science degree, I began to slowly love it. After much persuasion, support and encouragement from Kade and Ross, I enrolled in my honours year in 2011 with both of them alongside me as my supervisors.

"Through my honours year and the networks made available to me through my supervisors and ACU, I was privileged enough to work with Dr Gavin Williams at the Epworth Rehabilitation Unit in Richmond investigating the effects of real-time feedback and evaluation of static and dynamic asymmetry in patients with neurological conditions in a clinical setting, using the Nintendo Wii Balance Board™ in place of an expensive force plate.

I loved ACU during my time spent completing my undergraduate degree as it is unlike any other university. Just because it is a smaller university compared to others, doesn’t mean the opportunities provided are small - so my decision to complete my honours year here was an easy one. I have been able to expand my networks in the health science industry as well as gain hands on experience.
"The best thing, I believe, about conducting your postgraduate studies at ACU is not just the opportunities available, or the incredible experience and knowledge the lecturers are willing to share with you, but the support and encouragement you will receive from not only your supervisors and lecturers, but all of the staff working at ACU. I can safely say that without this support (especially from Kade and Ross) I would not have been able to successfully complete my honours year, let alone do as well as I did."