Health Sciences

Heidi Welsh, Bachelor of Nursing

I love studying Nursing at ACU! ACU has given me the opportunity to experience many things I never thought I would, including travelling to India for three weeks with a group of Nursing, Education and Social Work students.

"Studying at the Canberra campus with a smaller cohort means that everybody gets to know each other really well, including the teaching staff. The teaching staff are always enthusiastic, supportive and generous with their time and efforts.

"Studying Nursing with such a wonderful group of people means that ACU produces graduates who are confident and competent nurses. I feel privileged to study at ACU and have my study guided by the ethos of the university. I am also lucky enough to be a part of the Calvary Clinical School, fostering strong positive relationships between ACU and Calvary Health Care. This learning arrangement allowed me to be exposed to numerous nurses and other health care professionals who are highly competent in their field, also helping me to attain a position as an AIN at the same hospital."

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