Health Sciences

Hayden Piercy, Bachelor of Nursing\Bachelor of Paramedicine

Cadet, St John Ambulance

“To me, being a paramedic means each day holds the possibility of making a real, positive difference in someone’s life. Study at ACU combined with my cadetship at St John Ambulance means I am getting a great head start on my career.

I chose to study nursing and paramedicine at ACU because it is a community. I’ve also noticed there is a big focus on values, and the University provides a really inclusive environment for all. There are also a lot of practical components to the degree.

ACU also gave me the opportunity to apply for the Early Achievers’ Program, which recognises community engagement when you apply to university, and meant I was able to gain early entry into my degree.

I’ve been volunteering at St John Ambulance for three years now – it’s amazing. It’s a great program to be involved in, and has provided me with the opportunity to work within the community.

Being a paramedic means I have the opportunity to help someone every day, maybe even save their life. In the end, if I’m just able to make someone smile it’s all worth it.”

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