Health Sciences

Daniel Herman, Bachelor of Psychological Science

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, St Vincent's Hospital

“Each day at work I engage with people who are experiencing problems associated with their stimulant use. While this can feel confronting at times, it is also a rewarding experience.”

Not many young men choose a career in counselling and therapy, but I have always found working with people fascinating. We are all so similar, yet at the same time very unique. I feel heartened by being able to connect with someone in need and hopefully offer them some understanding and respite.

My role mainly involves providing individual counselling to people, generally through weekly sessions.

It was a long path that took me to ACU. After dropping out of a psychology degree at a different university, I went on to study Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy while volunteering in palliative care. After I graduated, I started working as a telephone Drug and Alcohol Counsellor at St Vincent’s Hospital, and then gained a position in the Stimulant Treatment Program, an outpatient counselling service.

I wanted to keep progressing in my career, and I knew a university degree would help create more opportunities.

I’m really proud to be a counsellor, and I hope I’m able to offer people the understanding and assistance they need.”

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