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Anna Jane Dunne, Bachelor of Social Work/Bachelor of Arts (Drama)

Anna Dunne

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The free parking and close-knit community feel.

The two social work student placements, and being involved in many drama productions, were the highlights of my two bachelor degrees. Also, the Academic Skills Unit, Disability Service and Counselling Service were amazing when I had glandular fever, I wouldn't have graduated without their support.

From my experience at ACU, I found it unique that the class sizes were smaller, and the teaching staff genuinely cared about students and their learning, even noticing if they missed a class. This was really motivating.

I am currently employed in my first graduate job. Previous volunteer experience include:

  • Community and Family Support Service Worker - Drug ARM Australasia Homeless
  • Street Outreach Service Worker - Drug ARM Australasia
  • Schoolies Chaplaincy Team Member - Red Frogs Youth
  • Leader - Hillsong Brisbane

Clinician - Life Without Barriers
I work with adults who have a disability, and my role involves assessment, creating positive behaviour support plans, and providing training.

My degrees (obviously), opening the doors of the perfect organisations for me to do my student placements at, and the networking opportunities.

Procrastination? Just kidding. Research, collaboration and academic writing are just a few of the skills I improved while studying and still use today.

I began studying due to my experience volunteering with youth. Along the way I discovered other passions such as working in homelessness, mental health, or substance use. Thanks to my degrees I'm doing exactly what I want to do today, and love that in the future I can work in many different fields.

I'm thrilled to be in my current role, which I never would have expected to land as a new graduate. In the future I would like
to see my career include working in Defence with young veterans and their families.

Graduating, and getting my first graduate job!

Keep pushing through. Remember that at the end of the day your employers won't care as much about your GPA as you do, so don't beat yourself up if you feel your effort doesn't match your marks. Also, it's reaching the finish line that is important, not how long it takes you.

My positivity, creativity and ability to build rapport or connect with people quickly.