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Anna Aminov, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Anna Aminov

Anna Aminov, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) student, shares her experience studying at ACU.

"I chose ACU because a friend told me about a place with small class sizes, a nice environment and old style buildings that I would absolutely adore.

"I chose my degree because I started as an arts degree student but soon realised that I have a great interest in psychology. There are always great things to learn, it is always interesting and fascinating to study the human mind and behaviour. I’m also majoring in philosophy, which provides me with ethical principles for further psychology practice and assists in developing my analytical skills.

"Everything about my course was a surprise at the beginning, but with time you learn to know what is expected of you and learn the best way to write reports, assignments and study for exams. My average day as an ACU student is three hours of classes per day, a two-hour lecture and a one-hour tutorial. I also spend some time at the library before or after a class.

My advice to prospective students is take as much as possible from the amazing university experience at ACU. The university has a lot to give. It's an amazing environment full of fun, friendship and support.

"I find ACU is a little different from other universities. It has great academic skill units and staff who are always willing to give you advice and support. I’ve made appointments myself and received great advice. The Equity and Disability unit is always there to help students with special skills, and I’ve been working as a note-taker for a student who needed some extra support from the university. ACU is a place where you can always receive help, and help others, which is great!

"In five years, I would like to complete my PhD and work at the university, research and travel."

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