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Amelia Harrison, Bachelor of Paramedicine

Amelia Harrison

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That it was a community and all opinions were respected and considered. The fundamental Christian values the university is based on (dignity of all people, truth, the common good) is woven into its culture, making it easy to put your hand up and take advantage of opportunities offered.

Paramedicine itself is a very interesting and intellectually stimulating course. The course was structured in a way where foundations were laid, then built upon and then consolidated. The highlights were the unbelievable facilities and the teachers who went above and beyond.

It hasn't been able to rely on prestige and history such as The University of Melbourne - so it had to build its own foundations i.e. culture, processes and methodology - basically had to form its own history. It relies on reputation for excellence and has to maintain that to attract new students.

  • Exchange program to Fairfield University in Florence, Italy to study Understanding Self and Society.
  • Vice-President of St Patrick's Student Paramedics.
  • ACU student guide at multiple open days.
  • Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society - ACU Chapter.

I worked in various hospitality jobs since I graduated from school in 2009 and throughout both my degrees.

Balmer Agency - Account Executive - digital marketing agency - formulation of strategy, copywriting, reporting and analytics, managing/liaising with all clients and managing/liaising with suppliers.

Toby the Teddy - Founder and author - this is a children's picture book aiming to facilitate the conversation/lesson between kindergarten/primary school aged children and their parents/teachers as to when and how to call for an ambulance. This is my own business. I do everything i.e. book keeping, design, marketing, distribution, sales, web design and copywriting.

Balmer - ACU helped develop my confidence in my ability, teamwork skills, organisation, and studying paramedics also helped me put things into perspective - things aren't as bad as they seem.

Toby - it gave me the education to write the book (paramedics) in terms of content, emergencies and 000.

Teamwork, confidence, public speaking, computer skills, research, multi-tasking and organisational skills.

No I haven't - the opportunity to work at Balmer Agency was not expected but I am loving what I am doing. I may go back to paramedics but I didn't know I wanted this job until I was here.

I love working for myself and producing beautiful children's books - with the first one available in late June of this year. It is very satisfying and I have been able to use my paramedic degree in a way I never thought possible - I strongly believe this book will save lives.

To just keep at it and study everything because nothing is useless in this degree and if you do become a paramedic you will need every scrap of it. But also that when you finish the course you don't actually have to be a paramedic as there are so many other options that just present themselves.

My entrepreneurial spirit, my confidence, yet I am very approachable, and the fact that I have been fortunate enough to dip my toe in many different fields i.e. the French language, I can play most brass instruments - with the trumpet as my main instrument, my Bachelor in Art History and Paramedicine.

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