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Youna Kim, Master of Social Work

Youma Kim

Youna Kim, a Master of Social Work student, shares her experience as a student at ACU.

"The Master of Social Work equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills and ethics to effectively and successfully serve individuals, families, organisations and communities.

"The best aspect of the course has been the placement opportunities. In my first placement, at a community based domestic violence service provider, I gained invaluable insight into individual and group work, particularly in relation to domestic violence. I was able to apply and improve my counselling, interpersonal and communication skills, and I learned how important autonomy and initiative are in a small agency setting.

"During my second placement at a statutory child safety service, I learned how to work within the statutory system; strictly applying relevant legislation, policies and quality standards in accordance with the proposed practice manual.

"During both placements, I learned several skills such as:

  • effective time management
  • taking full responsibility to complete given tasks on time
  • the importance of flexibility
  • developing my own expertise through consistent and continuous research to ensure my professional judgment and assessment are evidence-based
  • fostering and supporting productive working relationships
  • respect of individual differences to conduct a more holistic assessment and intervention.

"During professional supervision I valued constructive feedback, reflected on my own mistakes and identified areas of improvement. I acknowledged and celebrated the achievements of team members and actively participated in team discussions.

Social workers are committed to supporting people who may have multiple problems and face obstacles. Throughout the course at ACU, I was able to display my personal drive and integrity in accordance with legislation, practice guidelines, workplace policies and procedures, and contemporary best practice standards.

"ACU's Master of Social Work emphasises the importance of professionalism by focusing on social work values and the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Code of Conduct."

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