Health Sciences

Tania Gallo, PhD in Exercise Science

Tania Gallo

"I began my PhD at ACU in 2011 after completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Honours). This will be my sixth year at ACU, during which I have learnt from not only great teachers but also wonderful people. Having commenced at ACU at a raw 17 years of age, straight out of high school, I found the environment extremely warm and welcoming. Everyone was willing to lend a hand and this has not changed even as a postgraduate student. There is support around every corner.

"My research interest is performance in elite team sport and with the opportunities available to me at ACU, I have been exposed to professional sport and also experts in the field. In particular to my PhD, I am fortunate to be involved in a project affiliated with a professional sporting team.

The willingness of staff at ACU to use their experience and expertise to support and guide students combined with the innovation to collaborate with external researchers, provides an excellent setting for postgraduate research."

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