Health Sciences

Paul Taylor, PhD in Exercise Science

Paul Taylor

"My PhD is being undertaken within the School of Exercise Science. My project is examining discrete movement variability; an area influenced by both biomechanical and motor control research. As the name suggests the project is concerned with variability in human movement. In particular, I am assessing discrete movements which form part of the skill set of team sports, such as the over arm throw. Over the period of my candidature I am hoping to answer several questions including; how do we best measure variability, how does our movement variability change as we learn a new skill and whether movement variability is linked to our ability to adapt to changing task and environmental constraints?

"The Australian Catholic University’s Faculty of Health Sciences has provided the ideal environment for my PhD. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my own area of interest rather than being part of a larger study, while still being able to access government funding for my work. Being both big (ACU is a national university) and small (individual campuses are smaller than many other universities) means the best of both worlds.

The small campuses allow excellent access to labs and equipment and a great supervisor-to-student ratio means help and guidance is never hard to find. In addition, I have the ability to call on the broad knowledge base of a national Faculty spanning 6 campuses when needed.

"ACU also provides a very caring study environment where no one is ever just a number or gets lost in the crowd. This is no more evident than in the flexibility I am allowed when needed to deal with the occasional chaos that is a (soon to be expanded) young family as well as the ability to access paid parental leave (for those on stipend)."