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Nigel Lee, PhD in Nursing

Nigel Lee

Nigel Lee a PhD student from the Banyo campus in Brisbane has undertaken a thesis titled, A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Single Versus a Four Intradermal Sterile Water Injection Technique for Relief of Continuous Lower Back Pain During Labour / The experiences of women and midwives using sterile water injections.

Nigel explains, "my area of research involves the use of injections of sterile water to relieve back pain in labouring women, specifically to compare two techniques; a single injection with the more commonly used four injection technique, as an intervention to see if they are equal in terms of pain relief provided, or if one is better than the other. The study also includes a qualitative arm that is exploring the experience of using SWI from the perspective of women and midwives.

As the quality of academic support and supervision is fundamental to the success of any higher degree, the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and their support for midwifery research made ACU an excellent choice. The ACU co-supports the Midwifery Research Unit (MRU) with the Mater Medical Research Institute under the leadership of Prof. Sue Kildea.

"The research and academic team, which includes Dr Helen Stapleton, provides a broad range of skills and experience in quantitative and qualitative research. These collaborative arrangements reflect the ‘real world’ of research through encouraging networking with other researchers in the field and developing early research career opportunities for students."

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