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Madeline Turnbull, Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology

Madeline Turnbull

Madeline Turnbull, Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology* student, shares her experience studying at ACU.

"I consider the course the perfect balance between continued theoretical knowledge and supervised real-world practice. I also value its flexible modes of study, including the incorporation of weekend workshops to allow students to maintain jobs during the week.

"As well as providing students with an additional year of theoretical knowledge in psychology with a strong focus on the practical aspects of being a psychologist, the most important part of the course is that it involves two practicums and the opportunity to participate in these at ACU’s clinic.

In the practicum I have undergone group and individual supervision sessions, completed general administrative tasks, engaged in client research, communication and preparation, as well as provided therapy and assessment to clients. This experience has been invaluable and has prepared me to be a very employable provisional psychologist.

"So far I have learned of the importance for professionals to work collaboratively and seek advice from colleagues when needed. I have also developed my skills in clinical interviewing, research, treatment interventions and building the therapeutic alliance.

"The Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology* is helping me to become an employable, highly skilled professional and is a stepping-stone to registration as a psychologist in Australia."

(*now called Master of Professional Psychology)

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