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Denise Jones, Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology

Denise Jones“Requirements for Psychological Registration are evolving and ACU is one of the few Universities which has addressed the current gap through the creation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology*.”

Denise’s research interest is organisational psychology. She previously completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Central Queensland University. She says the strength of the PDPP program at ACU is the pragmatic, relevant nature of the course. “As psychology students, we have spent several years exploring the theory and this course enhances our knowledge through exposure to the relevant practical application of our training in the discipline to date.”

“The ACU clinic offers exposure to a diverse range of clientele requiring both assessment and therapy, ensuring students gain the experience required for their sixth year whilst endeavouring to gain full time employment as Provisional Psychologists”.

“We actively participate in comprehensive workshops which cover a wide range of issues and skills required in psychological practice including our ethical, legal and professional obligations.”

When asked what she is enjoying most in the course, Denise says it is the staff. “As experienced clinicians, they adopt an integrated approach which enables the practical integration of our theoretical knowledge and practice in the clinic.”

“The course is providing me with the skills and experience required to work as an effective and ethical practitioner.”

(*now called Master of Professional Psychology)

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