Health Sciences

Barry Pritchard, PhD in Physiotherapy

ACU is a fantastic place to pursue postgraduate studies in Physiotherapy. For one thing, the atmosphere is really quite hard to beat: it is a privilege to study in brand new, state-of-the-art Physiotherapy facilities within a visually stunning and culturally rich campus.

"These perks aside, the Academics are skilled and diverse in their research interests and enthusiastic in their support of research. The Australian Catholic University’s Physiotherapy Department is rising quickly in its national reputation, and the quality of the staff and research students recruited continues to rise accordingly. The Physiotherapy school academics are on the cutting edge of their fields, yet they always manage to find time to deal with my work and concerns. When everyone's exploring new terrain it really motivates you to perform novel research that might not get a hearing somewhere more conservative.

"ACU seems to offer more opportunities for interdisciplinary research than other physiotherapy departments. As it is turning out, this is a major strength of the department -in that it encourages you to interact with researchers from a range of professions. Throughout my study design, I have been involved in a range of discussions involving various University Academics from Physiotherapy, Exercise Science, Medical Science and also Psychology backgrounds and as such have managed to put a unique twist to my study, incorporating biochemistry analysis and psychological testing regimes.

"The study I have chosen to undertake involves the measurement of the stress biomarkers cortisol and immunoglobulin A and relate this data to muscle pain, strength and consequently, likelihood of injury within an Elite Athlete population. It is a very intellectually productive and exciting time for me at ACU, and I only expect that the already pre-eminent Physiotherapy department will continue to become even better in the coming years."

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