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John Daniel Brady

John Daniel Brady

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To enjoy a different study experience and complete a subject during the holiday period whilst travelling.

5 January to 26 January 2016

Really enjoyable, everyone actually engaged in the subject and experiencing Rome in the afternoons was just a plus.

We did in-class debating, completed an essay along with field visits to an aged care home, a dream project tour and completed some community service by sorting dated medications to be sent to Africa.

Experienced Rome ticking off all the hot tourist destinations - did a trip to Florence/Northern Italy, and spent a weekend in Berlin in Germany, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

You have a reduced workload when the semester comes around and the subject was more engaging than similar subjects completed in Australia.

Meeting fellow ACU students, getting lost in Rome, the Vatican city, trips away to experience more of Italy and other countries, pizza, pasta, gelato, all foods really and attempting to learn and speak Italian.

Dive right in and do it! You will love it. This was my first time travelling and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Embrace the culture of the country you are in. So if in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Take earplugs if you can’t handle snoring!