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Eleanor Kirby

Eleanor Kirby in Rome

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My mum pretty much couldn’t believe that I hadn’t applied, which convinced me to actually do it. I decided to go mainly because I wanted to get a whole unit done before semester started, but also because it was Rome! I had always wanted to go and was desperate to go overseas again, so I applied and went.

I was in Rome doing my study from 24 January to 6 February, and then kept travelling until 15 February.

20-30? Not really sure, but it was a good size for a class.

Amazing! There were some hard parts, like missing home, but to get to go overseas and study at the same time was a great opportunity.

Lecture and discussion type classes, studying privately and with new friends, observation activities to help with the final assessment essay.

I and a few friends travelled to Florence for the weekend, which allowed us to see more of Italy, but also  to escape the campus and study, which was very important for us. We had a great weekend getting to walk around Florence all day and also stopping in Assisi and Orvieto on the way there and home.

I have a less busy timetable, which allows me to focus on my other classes. It is also a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that I have done all that work and don’t have to worry about it this semester!

Getting to travel around Europe in general, as I went further around after the unit had finished, because the timing between the unit and semester starting was perfect. I have seen pictures of the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon for years, and have been desperate to go - my true highlight was getting to see and experience all of those places that seemed so far away.

DEFINITELY GO. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I couldn’t believe how awesome it really was. I learned so much about myself and other people, and saw how lucky I really am in my life. You will have a ball and if you can, travel before or after you go - it costs so much to get over there, you may as well keep travelling!

The timing was awesome, because I got to travel through five other countries and still be home with plenty of time before semester started. I had so much fun and loved every single place that I went to. I would definitely go again, but hopefully somewhere new!