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Aaron Bruce

Aaron Bruce, J Love and John Brady

Aaron Bruce, Jerome Love and John Brady enjoying a coffee in Rome

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I wanted to try something new and have an adventure.

6 - 25 January, 2016

About 25 of us in total were in the HLSC 220 class.

I found that the program exceeded my expectations and I was blown away by the experience. It was amazing to do a few hours of study in the morning and then leave class to go and explore Rome for the remainder of the day.

Night life in the local area is also great with plenty of bars to choose from and a large student population making it easy to meet new people from all around the world.

I would recommend to anyone willing to try something new!

Just classes I suppose. The in-class debates where surprisingly fun.

Myself and two other Physiotherapy students left Rome on the Friday night and travelled to Berlin in Germany for two nights before meeting up with other ACU students in Amsterdam for one night.

Not only was it a faster and easier way to complete my unit. It means that I now get to enjoy a 3 unit semester which will hopefully lessen some of the stress during the semester. It also means that all of your focus is placed on that one unit and I found that I absorbed more from all the classes.

Everything! I especially loved finishing class and going for a coffee and exploring Rome with the other students.