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Exercise Physiology Clinics

The School of Exercise Science provides Clinical Exercise Physiology services on its three campuses (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), offering preventative and rehabilitative services to the surrounding community. The Clinics provide education and training opportunities for both postgraduate and undergraduate students, utilising the expertise and research knowledge of its staff members to provide a service that is grounded in current exercise and sports science research and practice.

The Clinics provide specialist exercise services for people referred with chronic diseases, injuries or disabilities. The Clinics also support postgraduate students completing the Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree by providing valuable opportunities for learning and practical application of knowledge. Students are supervised by Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) to design and implement individualised exercise programs in a safe and supportive environment.

The locations of the facilities provide opportunities to form close collaborations with surrounding medical and health professionals. In fostering a team approach, and with close liaising with local surgeons, general practitioners and allied health practitioners, the Clinics provide an exceptional pre- and post-operative service, and lifestyle and behaviour modification services, to facilitate the best possible outcome for its clients.

The emphasis on preventative rehabilitation is a particular focus of the Clinics. It is well established that pre-operative exercise therapy and training improves muscle strength, function and weight loss, commonly delaying the need for surgical intervention, and occasionally preventing it entirely. In addition, the Clinics offer exercise intervention as a preventative and management tool in chronic disease management.

Similarly, post-operative exercise therapy has established clear benefits in rehabilitating surgical patients. Decreased healing time, morbidity and mortality, and improved functional independence, mental state and overall wellbeing have all been demonstrated. Despite this, outpatient rehabilitation services are under-utilised by most post-surgical patients with chronic illnesses. In addressing this deficiency, the Clinics provide a vital role to the community in ensuring post-surgical patients, as well as those with chronic illness, receive affordable and adequate rehabilitative care, enabling each to reach their full potential.

The goal of the Exercise Science Clinics at ACU therefore is to improve the quality of life of its clients. The Clinics and their services help them return to the highest level of independence possible within their home, at their job and in the community.