Health Sciences

Current projects

Internal moderation of assessment: Developing an implementing a cross-campus quality control process

This project seeks to develop pre-, peri- and post-assessment moderation (processes and tools) to improve the quality and consistency of marking and assigning grades for equivalent assessment tasks in undergraduate courses across multiple sites, and to enhance the definition and protection of undergraduate academic standards.

Project leader: Natalie Gamble

Project team members: Prof Sally Borbasi, Prof Karen Flowers, Assoc Prof Karen Nightingale, Dr Peter Le Rossignol, Jenny Murphy

Assessing the impact of English language standards interventions in undergraduate Health programs

The aim of this project is to work with Academic staff to identify, implement and evaluate strategies for embedding English Language Standards (ELS) for quality assurance and TEQSA compliance in the Health Sciences curricula.

Project leaders: Donna Cook and Ann Majkut

Project team members: Natalie Gamble, Prof Sally Borbasi, Dr Matt Sweeney, Mandy El Ali, Diane Jacobs, Pat Hacker and Sue Woods

Pre-recorded lectures (flipped pedagogy): Improving student access

This project seeks to address demands for more flexible delivery of lectures in order to enable:
  • students to reduce travel time to campus
  • part-time study at university
  • campuses to reduce peak student demand on campus resources
  • students to access learning independently
  • facilitation of students with learning and other disabilities

Project leader: Natalie Gamble

Project team members: Stephen Guinea, Dr Peter Le Rossignol, Dr Christian Lorenzen, Dr Andrew Townshend, Lyndal Maxwell, Paul McDonald

Developing, implementing and evaluating a pedagogical model to promote interprofessional learning (IPL) and practice capabilities within undergraduate FHS students

The aim of this research is to significantly increase the capacity of the Faculty of Health Sciences to graduate health professionals who have acquired well-developed interprofessional learning (IPL) and interprofessional practice (IPP) capabilities.

Project leader: Natalie Gamble

Project team members: Prof Sally Borbasi, Jo Grainger, Dr Joe Perry, Jennifer Robinson, Paul McDonald, Dr Jane Morrow, Amy Carroll, Dr David Good, Dr Natalie Berg, Assoc Prof Shawn Somerset

Using embedded transition pedagogy to engage students in becoming health practitioners

Our aim through this faculty-wide initiative is that first year health science students will be able to explicitly identify themselves as becoming a health professional, whether that be an exercise scientist, nurse, occupational therapist or speech pathologist, early in their higher education experience.

Project leader: Paul McDonald

Team members: Natalie Gamble, Prof Sally Borbasi

Post-enrolment language assessment (PELA)

This project seeks to embed PELA across a range of high volume units of study in undergraduate Health Sciences programs to promote higher levels of academic literacy across the faculty, supporting greater levels of student retention and success.

Project leader: Lynda Mathey

Project team members: Paul McDonald, Penny Wheeler, Pat Hacker, Natalie Gamble

Keeping Paramedic students connected while on on-road placements

This project will develop and evaluate a program that increases the amount of academic support for students while they are on-road. It involves the use of mobile devices, and includes online learning strategies that allow students to engage with lecturers and other students during downtimes on their placement.

Project leader: Dr Judy Gonda

Project team members: Natalie Gamble, Georgia Clarkson, Melanie Fleming

Redesigning the curriculum using a clinical reasoning framework

This project focuses on the redesign of a capstone undergraduate Nursing unit of study to consist of four simulation-based cases framed around a clinical reasoning framework.

Project leaders: Steve Guinea and Nicole Blakey

Project team members: Amanda Kiernan, Adam Burston, Peta Gale, Elaine Rutherford, Jenny D'Antonio, Mary Huynh