Health Sciences

Completed projects

Redesign Project

This project redesigned a face-to-face unit in the final year of the Bachelor of Nursing for blended delivery. The project successfully reduced the cost of delivery per student, from $90.98 to $63.23 per student using a number of strategies, whilst maintaining the quality of the student experience, and improving student performance.

Project leader: Paula Williams

Project team members: Prof Sally Borbasi, Natalie Gamble, Peta Gale, Assoc Prof Karen NIghtingale, Assoc Prof Thomas Harding

Final report available at:

HWA InCH Project (Expanding and enhancing web-based simulation tools to deliver virtual patient cases to students of Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health and Medical Laboratory Science)

This project sought to involve collaborating institutions in the development of web-based case studies, using web-based authoring tools. The collaborative approach was particularly useful for the development of interprofessional case studies.

Project leader (ACU): Paul McDonald

Project team members (ACU): Natalie Gamble

Final report available at:

Extensive immersive simulation at Australian Catholic University through high fidelity silicone mask patient simulation (HFSPS)

The HFSPS project trialled the innovative approach of high fidelity silicone mask patient simulation within two undergraduate Faculty of Health Sciences programs - namely Nursing and Paramedicine.

Project leaders: Karen Downes, Stephen Guinea, Paul McDonald

Project team members: Phillipa Day, Elizabeth Currie, Dr Jennifer Evans, Kim Reader, Assoc Prof Paula Schulz, Anita Westwood

Final report available at:

Exploring the benefits of a validated nursing framework for post-simulation debriefing for undergraduate midwifery and paramedicine students

This project explored the implementation of the 'Debriefing for Meaningful Learning' framework, oroginally developed for nursing, into the undergraduate disciplines of midwifery and paramedicine.

Project leader: Stephen Guinea

Project team members: Georgia Clarkson, Karen Livesay, Therese Worme

Final report available at: