Health Sciences

Projects and Interests

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Dr Jean Burke: Jean is interested in the areas of HIV, networks, stigma, media analysis, social work and community development in Africa and with African Australians. Her research has informed and evaluated HIV-related programs in East Africa, including a national survey of Tanzanian pastors' knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to HIV, a Community Needs Assessment for services to prevent HIV transmission to infants and news media analysis of AIDS metaphors. Her doctorate explored community involvement and factors affecting infant feeding decisions to prevent HIV. Her current focus is analysis of media portrayal of Africans with disabilities, particularly Albinism (albinos).

Bindi Bennett: Recipient of the Indigenous Staff Research Scholarship, Bindi's PhD thesis is entitled "How is Aboriginal cultural identity developed, understood and experienced by young Aboriginal people with light skin colour, lack of kinship ties and community links?"

Professor Peter Camilleri: Peter's research interests are case management; suicidal behaviour; child protection; and recovery from natural disasters. 

Dr Mansura Dopico: Research interests include Family wellbeing and child welfare/child protection, mental health, family wellbeing, parent/child conflict, and family break downs of New Arrival African Families (Migrants and Refugees), cross-cultural and anti racist practice (welfare service delivery to CALD people), Female Genital Cutting (Sexual and Reproductive health of African women).

Dayle Foreman: Dayle's research interests are in cross-cultural and international social work research and practice. She is currently undertaking her PhD in the context of International social work. Dayle has produced publications for government, (Defence, Health and Child Protection), industry, community and undertaken university research. Dayle also taught social work research (WA).

Associate Professor Roslyn Hughes: Roslyn's interests lie in community development and support services for families particularly women and children. She has undertaken various research projects and developed programs for family and individual support.

Dr Parveen Kalliath: Parveen's research interests include stress and burnout, empowerment, and work-family balance among social workers. Her PhD examined work-family conflict and enrichment experiences of social workers in Australia.

Professor Maev O'Collins: Individual and multi-disciplinary research on youth and community development, domestic violence, peace and good order, social service delivery systems, and the social and environmental impact of development projects. Current research interests: 'Poverty and Inequality in the South Pacific', 'Refugees and Social Justice', 'Social Work in a multicultural context' and 'Spirituality and Social Work'. Maev has been involved in individual and multi-disciplinary research on youth and community development, domestic violence, peace and good order, poverty and inequality, social service delivery systems, and the social and environmental impact of development projects.

Helen Redfern: Health social work, chronic disease, ethics and clinical education.

Dr Joanna Zubrzycki: Research interests include social work practice with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander people , cross-cultural practice with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, exploring work and family issues for social workers, the international construction and transferability of social work knowledge, feminist practice, teaching about the use of self in practice, teaching social work practice skills and social policy.

Tracey Harris: Research interests include professional practice and clinical supervision, professional supervision training and education, public and social policy practice skills in social work education, high performance and leadership, field education. Tracey has commenced her MPhil in the area of supervision training and education for best practice.

Wendy Rollins: Wendy's extensive social work practice experience  has led to developing interest in the complex and multidimensional nature of the relationships social workers develop with family and children in practice, in order to achieve change. This is now the subject of her higher degree research. A second key research interest area to have emerged from her supervision practice experience is the way in which social workers and social work students develop reflective capacity as a key tool for effective practice.

Dr Miriam Stevenson: Miriam's research interests are in restorative justice programs, the well-being of young people in Out Of Home Care, intellectual disability and the development of person-centred forms of support in partnership with individuals, families and community groups.