Health Sciences

Facilities and equipment

CeDDR’s facilities are currently distributed across the School of Psychology and School of Allied Health at ACU. This includes dedicated research laboratories, office space for Visiting Fellows, Research Assistants, and Postdoctoral Fellows, and fit-for-purpose open plan offices for our higher degree students.

A significant part of our work also involves field testing in schools, health clinics and hospitals. As such we are equipped with state-of-the-art mobile testing equipment to support experimental work in the cognitive neuroscience of development and disability.

Dedicated laboratory facilities include:

  • An EEG laboratory, shared with the Centre for Cognition and Emotion under the School of Psychology.
  • Virtual Rehabilitation R&D laboratory servicing the design, development and piloting of VR-enhanced rehabilitation systems including Elements and Resonance. These tabletop mounted systems comprise two 50-inch MultitactionTM displays, tangible interfaces and customised software.

Mobile experimental laboratory equipment:

  • 32-channel EEG (BrainScanTM);
  • 3D kinematic/motion tracking (ZebrisTM system);
  • Movement skill batteries:
    • McCarron Assessment of Neuromuscular Dysfunction (MAND);
    • Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC);
    • Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency 2nd ed. (BOTTM-2);
  • Upper-limb movement skill and function measures including:
    • Box-and-Blocks Test;
    • Action Research Arm Test (ARAT);
  • Experimental cognitive testing software: E-Prime; Presentation;
  • Statistical modeling software: MPlusTM, SASTM;
  • Large multi-point touchscreen displays (MultitactionTM) for field-based rehabilitation studies and experimentation;
  • Electrophysiological data loggers for skin conductance, EMG, and heart rate.