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ACU Health Clinic - North Sydney

ACU North Sydney Health Clinic
ACU North Sydney Health Clinic
ACU North Sydney Health Clinic

Student delivered health care

In 2017, services will operate from February through to December.

ACU Health Clinic North Sydney is located on levels 2 and 3 of 8-10 Berry Street. The Clinic area has recently been refurbished to assist us in providing high quality health care and student learning experiences.

All services are delivered by student practitioners under the supervision of qualified professionals (Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Social Worker etc as appropriate).

Making an appointment

Contact reception for specific details of all services. Reception is open Wednesdays and Fridays.

T: 9739 2796

Current services

All current services operate during University semester times only, usually March-June and August-November each year.

Speech Pathology

Paediatric Communication Service

The following treatment services for children (0-18 yrs) will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays in 2017:

  • Speech sound disorders
  • Early language development
  • Social skills development
  • School readiness
  • Preschool screening
  • Consultation services/professional development for teachers and health professionals

Adult Communication Service

The following services will be offered on Thursdays and Fridays in 2017:

  • Speech sound disorders
  • Communication skills for young adults with complex needs
  • Communication rehabilitation following stroke
  • Communication needs for people with progressive neurological disorders (ie. Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis,  primary progressive aphasia)
  • Voice disorders
  • Speech Intelligibility Training (Accent Modification) for learning and vocation
  • Voice care – Professional development and consultation for organisations

Stuttering (Children and Adults)

This is a service for preschool and school age children, and adults who stutter. Face-to-face and Telehealth service delivery treatment options are available. This service runs weekly on Wednesdays. Feel welcome to enquire about our intensive group treatment options planned for April and July in 2017.

University Student Screening Service

The screening process covers aspects of communication such as articulation, language, voice and fluency. Individual follow up visits are provided for feedback on communication skills, and treatment is offered in the adult generalist clinic if required. The clinic focuses on setting goals around communication to increase vocational capacity.

The communication screening service is open to all ACU students.

Future programs

Occupational Therapy programs are expected to commence in 2017.


Reception is located on Level 2.

Champagnat House
8-10 Berry St, North Sydney