Health Sciences

Professional experience

In the Faculty of Health Sciences at ACU, we view professional experience as essential for the development and enhancement of knowledge and skills relating to professional practice and identity.

Professional experience is integrated into all Health Sciences disciplines and is provided in a variety of ways. These approaches to professional experience include simulation-based learning, student-led clinics, ACU Health Clinics, ACU Clinical Schools and practice placements.

Simulation-Based Learning

ACU Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to quality simulation as an engaging and effective method for introducing and refining clinical practice. The Faculty of Health Sciences employs simulation for a wide range of purposes, from the development of procedural skills through to teamwork, clinical reasoning and introducing students to the world of professional practice.

The ACU Faculty of Health Sciences boasts the ACU Health Simulation Centre; world-class simulation facilities across five campuses that is a hub for learning, teaching and research in simulation education.

ACU offers the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation Education, a one-year part-time course that aims to advance our University's agenda for quality simulation practice.