Health Sciences

The QF2011 Queensland Flood Study

The QF2011 Queensland Flood Study provides a unique opportunity to understand the long-term impact of significant life stressors (such as a flood) on an unborn child and as it grows and develops. This exciting study is the first of its kind to collect information using surveys, biological samples, and face-to-face measures. The new knowledge gained will assist in developing systems and processes to help protect mothers and infants from the worst effects of unpredictable stressors encountered during pregnancy.

This important research, based at the Mater Mother’s Hospital, is an international collaboration with researchers from Australia and Canada that will enable us to follow a child’s development to 4½ years of age. The Queensland Flood Study is a large-scale project that requires a big team to design, lead, coordinate, and administer all aspects of the research.

Professor Sue Kildea is a lead scientist (Principal Investigator) on the project and has a joint Mater/ACU position of Chair of Midwifery. The QF2011 team received $4 million in funding across 4 years for the longitudinal project from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The funds are managed by ACU here in Australia. Last year ACU also funded another Principal Investigator (Prof Suzanne King, from Douglas University, Montreal, Québec, Canada) to come to Australia on the ACU Distinguished Visiting Scholar Scheme.