Health Sciences

Supporting students

Yass Tribune. By Tiffany Grange, April 3 2013.

Sophie Payne is in her final year of nursing at the Australian Catholic University and has had help from YDEF over the past two years. She’s travelling to Vanuatu in July to work as a nurse in hospitals and the community. “I’m looking forward to learning about the culture and just seeing a different wave of health in another country.”

She said it would be interesting to work in hospitals that didn’t have the same funds as Australian hospitals. YDEF is helping Sophie with costs toward the trip, and has helped with a few other course expenses in the past. “I probably would have struggled a bit more without them,” she said.

Sophie is going to the pacific island country with five other nursing students. They are raising money through donations and selling raffle tickets to not just go and help, but to hake supplies to boost shortages faced by emergency and health services in Vanuatu. Another Yass student, Allex Goode, has had the support of YDEF while starting out his paramedic degree.

Allex is having a blast at uni and is grateful YDEF could help him make the transition. “It’s a great experience and it’s a totally different way of learning.” The foundation gave him money to buy his uniform, not something most university students have to worry about, and textbooks.

“All I have to do is pay the rent,” he laughed. “The support they give you is great.” He’s had calls to see if there’s anything else the foundation could do to help.

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