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School of Psychology expands its team of experts

Staff in the School of Psychology are excited to welcome a number of new clinical staff, teaching staff and research experts to their already highly-skilled team.

Mrs Ewa Geba

Mrs Ewa Geba is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist. She comes to ACU after previously serving as the Principal Psychologist and Manager of the Specialist Intervention Services for Disability Services Australia. With additional expertise in clinical supervision and service management we look forward to her contributions as the Clinic Director of the recently established Mary Aikenhead Psychology and Counselling Clinic at Strathfield. Click here to read more about the new Clinic.

Dr Luisa Batalha

Following the completion of her PhD in social psychology at Uppsala University, Sweden, Dr Luisa Batalha took up prestigious research fellow positions first with Professor Kate Reynolds and then Professor John Dryzek at the Australian National University, where she has been investigating the sociocultural implications of gender and social identity. As a new lecturer with the School of Psychology at Strathfield we look forward to Luisa’s teaching and supervision contributions and more innovative research in social psychology and personality.

Dr Ying Yang

Dr Ying Yang has a PhD in social psychology from a joint programme with Beijing Normal University, China, and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Subsequently Ying has quickly been developing a research track record in culture and emotion, intergroup relations, and traffic/transport psychology. Previously at the Australian Institute of Psychology, we look forward to Ying’s teaching and supervision contributions and more innovative cultural and social psychology research with the School of Psychology at Strathfield.

Dr Stephanie Tobin

Profile image of Dr Stephanie TobinDr Stephanie Tobin joined the School in Brisbane as Senior Lecturer. She received her PhD in social psychology at Ohio State University in 2004. Prior to joining ACU, she worked at the University of Houston and the University of Queensland. Stephanie’s research examines how social networking site use affects well-being. She has found that not receiving any likes on a post temporarily lowers one’s sense of belonging, self-esteem, control, and meaningful existence. She also studies how people cope with uncertainty about the causes of events (e.g., why did I receive a poor grade?). She is currently examining alcohol use as a means of coping with this type of uncertainty.

Dr Kimberley Mallan

Profile image of Kimberley MallanDr Kimberley Mallan joined the School of Psychology in Brisbane as Lecturer. Kimberley previously held a postdoctoral research fellowship in Psychology at UQ (2007-2011), the H.J. Heinz research fellowship at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at QUT and most recently (2013-2015) have been a senior research fellow in the Child and Adolescent research group at QUT. Kimberley has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of children. She has worked in cross-disciplinary teams and collaborated with colleagues from psychology, nutrition and education on projects that look at child nutrition and eating patterns from birth to school age. Her current research focuses on supporting parents in feeding their children – whether it be bottle feeding a newborn, feeding a fussy toddler, or figuring out the best way to limit how many ‘extras’ foods a preschooler eats.

Dr Sarah Mitchell

Profile image of Dr Sarah Mitchell

Dr Sarah Mitchell joined the School of Psychology in Melbourne as a Clinical Research Fellow and Clinical Supervisor. Sarah is an endorsed clinical psychologist and has experience working in a range of public and private mental health services. Sarah’s research interests are focused on feeding, eating and body image disorders. She is an active member of the eating disorders community and is on the Executive Committee of the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders and Treasurer of the APS Psychology of Eating, Weight and Body Image Interest Group. Her recently completed PhD dissertation examined emotion predictors and outcomes of disordered eating trajectories across adolescence. Sarah will be working on research projects through the Body Image, Eating and Weight Clinical Research Team and providing clinical supervision to postgraduate psychology students completing their clinical placement through the ACU Melbourne Psychology and Counselling Clinic and ACU Clinic for Healthy Eating and Weight.