Health Sciences

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Paramedics/Nursing combine for simulation learning experience

On Wednesday 13th May 2015, 2nd year students from the Schools of Physiotherapy, Allied Health and Paramedics/Nursing combined to provide a unique opportunity for the year 11 & 12 Certificate III Allied Health San Sisto College Carina students, to experience manual handling apparatus and techniques. ACU students provided a 1:2 ratio to the 17 students from the college for the 1 hour session in the new simulation facilities in the Saint John Paul II building. This was an excellent opportunity for both San Sisto and the ACU students who voluntarily participated. It was an opportunity for ACU students to not only refresh their own manual handling skills but more importantly – work on transferring these skills and communicating and coordinating safety and teamwork in the manual handling arena – a facet integral across the Allied Health spectrum.

The School of Physiotherapy views this new community engagement initiative with San Sisto College as a positive model going forward. The opportunity to bring students from across the Allied Health schools together also supports the collaborative direction of ACU and indeed the desired model of healthcare provision in Australia today. In addition, opportunities of this nature allow the ACU Brisbane campus to showcase its state of the art teaching and learning environments and to introduce prospective new students to ACU.

A sincere thank you to the students who participated on the day - they did a fabulous job. Ellen Carey and Isabelle Savage (Occupational Therapy); Vanessa Kitney (Paramedics/Nursing); John Boules, Ben Cunningham, Kylie Evans, Jacinta Jones, Annette Stouter and Emily Walmsley (Physiotherapy). Also a special thanks to Bronwyn Franco who helped endlessly in facilitating the logistics for the session.