Health Sciences

Nursing student, Kylie Chenery headed for Paris

Congratulations to Kylie Chenery, Bachelor of Nursing Student at ACU's Canberra campus, who was one of 16 students chosen from ACU for a full scholarship to study the subject 'Understanding Self and Society' in Paris for two weeks.

Dr. Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer from ACU's School of Theology will be teaching the course in Paris to Australian students as well as students from Paris, America and Central Africa.

Students will be visiting the regular tourist attractions, as well as carrying out course related visits to the Relief Program for the Homeless in French Train Stations and the Volunteer Program of the Paris Foreign Missions Society.

Kylie Chenery became a fan of Aboriginal artist, Matt Rumble after admiring his work at her local Cooma show. Kylie later came up with the idea to showcase his artwork in Paris as away to represent our culture, whilst also offering the artwork as a thank you gift to the host university (Institut Catholique de Paris - The Catholic University of Paris), through commissioning a painting.

Kylie is looking forward to representing both the Australian Catholic University and Australia. The core curriculum unit in Paris will be Kylie's final subject in her undergraduate Nursing degree. Kylie was also the successful applicant for the mid-year intake for the Transition to Professional Practice Program at Cooma Health Service and is looking forward to starting in August.

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