Health Sciences

National Stroke Week, 8-14 September 2014

To promote better understanding of stroke and the risk factors and to promote awareness of the F.A.S.T. campaign, ACU Health Clinic Physiotherapist, Gail Wickham and 2 undergraduate Physiotherapy students, Jackson Hooper and Daniel Kristensen, set up displays, offered screening for type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease, provided blood pressure checks and education.

The first promotion was at the ACU Banyo canteen, where 50 staff and students completed the screening tools and had their blood pressure assessed. Quite a few people on campus had a moderate risk of developing type 2 diabetes, due to a combination of factors that are difficult to control (like family history and sex), and some that are modifiable, like lack of physical exercise and insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables daily. We found 4 people with blood pressure outside the normal limits, with 1 of them being in the very high risk category. We encouraged these people to visit their GP for further review.

The second promotion was done at the Kedron Wavell Services club. We gave out 50 brochures and F.A.S.T cards and screened 15 people’s blood pressure. Several were in the intermediate risk group, though most were aware of this and were taking medication. One individual in the high risk group was unaware that their blood pressure was not normal. We again encouraged these people to visit their GP for further review. We have had verbal feedback from the individual in the high risk group that they did indeed have undiagnosed hypertension. They thanked us for the screening and for highlighting the problem.

It is anticipated that the ACU Health Clinic will continue to take up the challenge and assist the Stroke Foundation in getting people to be healthy, be aware and be their best.