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Postgraduate courses in High Performance Sport

Available for midyear entry 2015.

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The high performance sport industry is a global, multi-billion dollar entity that provides employment opportunities for a range of professions including sport scientists, coaches and managers. At the heart of this industry is the conditioning of the athlete with the aim of optimising individual and team performance for successful outcomes.

ACU’s postgraduate courses in High Performance Sport aim to help students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills for a career in high performance sport. Using cutting-edge interactive technologies for online delivery wherever you are in the world, cross-disciplinary study units will bring together current and new knowledge from a range of professions within the industry. Specific topics will be developed and delivered by internationally-renowned experts, with a focus on world’s best practice.

A series of study units (see below) focus on the technological advances for athlete monitoring, advanced principles of strength and conditioning, and the relationships between fatigue, adaptation, performance and injury. Leading-edge sports technology will be combined with advanced data analysis techniques to provide the working practitioner with the skills to collect and accurately interpret competition and training information. Importantly, these courses address leadership, ethical and socially responsible practices within the culture of high performance sport as critical to developing professionals in the industry.

To support these study units, an intensive on-campus component is incorporated as a one-week offering at the commencement of the course. This component offers students hands-on experience with the latest technology in the industry, while providing the added opportunity to network directly with industry specialists and other students in the course.

Master of High Performance Sport (Fulltime Program map)

Step 1: Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport
Semester 1 Strength and conditioning
for the high performance athlete
Technology in high performance sport Leadership and culture
in high performance settings
Data analysis and interpretation
for high performance sport
Step 2: Graduate Diploma in High Performance Sport
Semester 2 Fatigue, recovery, adaptation and performance Performance and injury: prevention and management Contemporary issues
in sports science
Project design for
high performance sport
Step 3: Master of High Performance Sport
Semester 3 EXSC654 Major Industry Project Part A (20 CP) and EXSC655 Major Industry Project Part B (20 CP)
EXSC656 Minor Industry Project (20 CP) 
EXSC657 Industry Internship (20 CP)
2 x 10 CP elective units

The courses are aimed at people already in the workforce as well as graduating students. The course provides flexible learning pathways that can accommodate: professional employment commitments; internationally-based students; full-time or part-time enrolments; specific career and industry needs of individual students. To meet these objectives, the majority of the course is delivered online.

The Master of High Performance Sport includes relevant professional practice related learning, independent research and project work, and work integrated learning, as well as an elective opportunity for an industry-based internship. The Master of High Performance Sport can also provide a pathway into further research study (e.g. PhD).

The course prepares graduates for the following roles:

  • Sports scientist
  • High performance manager
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Professional coach
  • Fitness coach
  • Rehabilitation coach
  • Performance analyst
  • Fitness advisor
  • Sports science manager

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the Graduate Certificate, the Graduate Diploma and the Master of High Performance Sport an applicant must:
  1. have completed a Bachelor degree (or higher), normally in Exercise Science, Sports Science, Human Movement or a related discipline; OR
  2. have completed a Bachelor degree (or higher) in a related allied health discipline AND have evidence of substantial relevant industry experience


Graduate Certificate:
One semester full-time or part-time equivalent
Graduate Diploma:
Two semesters full-time or part-time equivalent
Three semesters full-time or part-time equivalent.


The course is primarily delivered online. There will be a one-week intensive component on the Melbourne campus only. Interstate and International students will be required to fly into Melbourne for the intensive component.

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