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Interactive equipment experience for ACU Occupational Therapy students

Interactive Equipment Expo

Concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation, occupational therapy enables people to participate in the activities of everyday life.

The School of Allied Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, hosted an interactive Equipment Expo for Occupational Therapy students on March 31 and April 2 on the Melbourne and North Sydney campuses.

ACU’s Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is a new and innovative course, which commenced on the Melbourne campus in 2012, the North Sydney campus in 2013 and is commencing in Brisbane this year.

The expo is an opportunity for suppliers to introduce their brand and products to our students and for students to interact with the relevant equipment and assistive devices used in clinical practice.

As part of first year unit Foundations of Occupational Therapy and second year unit Physical Rehabilitation, the purpose of the expo is to familiarise students with adaptive equipment and assistive technology used in clinical practice. Students are given learning objectives and associated workbook tasks to obtain the required knowledge.

The equipment was displayed in categories: bathroom/toilet; kitchen; seating; pressure care; wheelchairs; scooters; mobility aides; assistive technology; equipment for visual impairment.

“The expo was an excellent learning experience, which I will benefit from greatly. I learnt a lot of insightful information about different assistive devices and equipment,” says Occupational Therapy student Jasmine.