Health Sciences

Exercise Science a Big Hit with International Exchange Students

ACU’s School of Exercise Science has received some great feedback from exchange students studying Outdoor Recreation units at our Melbourne campus. Here’s what they said:

“No classes I have ever taken in the [United] States compare to what I am doing here. I am sure everyone back home is going to be interested in hearing about this type of learning”
“…best classes of my university experience and definitely the most memorable ….”
“ I love Australian classes, I feel as if we do not have the same type of courses available- being an international student and doing EXSC201 and 290 makes my time in Australia that much more enjoyable”
“Overall this is one of the best things I have done, still feel so honored to be in this class, even though I come from a different walk of life and career choice it’s nice to fit in pretty well”.
“Your class was one of the best experiences I had while visiting Australia, your passion and knowledge of outdoor recreation is truly amazing.”
('Your' refers to the LIC of the unit)