Health Sciences

Confused about your private health insurance coverage? You’re not alone

Professor Karen Willis, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Australian Catholic University and Sophie Lewis, Lecturer, University of Sydney are the authors of an article, "Confused about your private health insurance coverage? You’re not alone" published in The Conversation on October 23. Professor Karen Willis is currently the lead investigator on an Australian Research Council funded project titled 'Navigating the Healthcare Maze - the differential capacity to choose' (2013-2015).

It is a fascinating article on private health insurance in Australia, and the lack of information available for consumers when deciding to take up health insurance, and what plan and provider to choose. The article discusses the ACCC recommendations to improve clarity, and also suggests tactics that we as consumers can adopt to keep ourselves better informed - for example reviewing policies on an annual basis, carefully reading policy documents, along with any communications from the insurer, in case the terms change.

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