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Bachelor of Paramedicine Field Exercise - Interview on ABC Ballarat Breakfast Radio

An interview on ABC Ballarat breakfast radio with Jake Panter, Paramedicine Student, Australian Catholic University, and Dr Helen Webb, Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine, Australian Catholic University, discusses field exercise training in the bush, which is now built into the ACU Bachelor of Paramedicine program.

60 students from Australian Catholic University's Ballarat campus went into the bush of Wombat Forest over the weekend to train to deliver paramedic care in the wilderness. Dr Helen Webb says “paramedics need exposure in various settings and the field exercise allowed students to apply their knowledge and skills in a bush setting.”

Jake Panter, now at the end of his studies has been both a student during the field exercise and a supervisor. He describes the three scenarios involved in last weekend's field exercise and says “all of the scenarios students encountered were based on real life events.” He also discusses how to approach medical emergencies in the bush and says he was able to identify the weaknesses of his clinical approach through the exercise.