Health Sciences

Alumni 10% Rebate

10% Fee rebate for ACU alumni

If you're a graduate of ACU, and are interested in furthering your career, why not consider postgraduate study with us? The Faculty of Health Sciences is offering ACU alumni a 10% rebate on postgraduate fees in 2012 when they enrol in a postgraduate course offered by the Faculty.

Terms and Conditions* 

- A 10% rebate will be offered to domestic ACU graduates (from any Faculty) enrolling in full fee-paying postgraduate courses (not Student SVC Amenities Fees) in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

- Postgraduate studies includes the below coursework and research degrees offered exclusive by the FHS:

  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education
  • Master of Clinical Education
  • Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nursing
  • Master of Clinical Nursing
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Administration
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Administration
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation Education
  • Graduate Certificate in High Peformance Sport
  • Graduate Diploma in High Performance Sport
  • Master of High Performance Sport
  • Graduate Certificate in Mental Health
  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health
  • Master of Mental Health
  • Graduate Certificate in Mental Health (Nursing)
  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (Nursing)
  • Master of Mental Health (Nursing)
  • Master of Nursing (Practice Inquiry)
  • Graduate Certificate in Paramedicine
  • Graduate Diploma in Paramedicine
  • Master of Paramedicine
  • Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation
  • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation
  • Master of Rehabilitation
  • Master of Health Science Research

Visit the course browser for more information on Health Sciences courses.

- ACU graduates include: offshore alumni, and alumni from ACU’s antecedent organisations however, does NOT include international alumni.

- Students will pay the full fees to the University and the Faculty will credit the student with the 10% rebate;

- If alumni are in receipt of another scholarship/discount/bursary for the specified course, the 10% rebate will NOT apply

- If alumni have received another scholarship/discount/bursay for previous undergraduate and/or postgraduate study at ACU the rebate WILL apply;

- The 10% rebate will be credited to the payer after census date in each semester.

* Correct at time of printing, November 2011. Subject to change

For further information contact the Faculty Marketing Manager: