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ACU Uni Step-Up Program Helps Year 12 Students Start Health Science Studies

Step Up Program Participants Step Up Program Participants from Thomas Carr College

In an innovative collaboration ACU joins hands with Thomas Carr College in Tarneit to introduce the Uni Step-Up program. The program was launched on 19th April with 29 students enrolling in the pilot.

Driven by ACU’s Equity Pathways unit, the program will provide the final year school students an opportunity to undertake two University units while completing their year 12 studies. These Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority approved units comprise 20-25% of a first year university students’ load. Results from these units are included in the students Year 12 ATAR score and students can get full credit for these education and health units when they enrol in a corresponding education or health program at ACU.

Targeted specifically at students in low SES (Socio Economic Status) schools and areas, the program cost is met by the Equity Pathways unit at ACU.

“This is a valuable opportunity for these students to gain an insight to University life and makes for a smoother transition from school to University. Additionally, it gives students from less advantaged backgrounds a chance to vocationally link to a career earlier than usual, and they are excited to be starting their degree course in Year 12.” Catherine O’Donnell, National Equity Pathways Coordinator explains.

Students enrolled in the program get full support from lecturers and can also avail of additional assistance from ACU’s Academic Skills Unit. ACU runs similar programs in NSW and Queensland but this pilot program at Thomas Carr is the first in Victoria.

Professor Marie Emmitt, Executive Dean of Education (ACU), Professor Michelle Campbell, Executive Dean of Health Sciences (ACU) and Dr Andrew Watson, Principal (Thomas Carr College) were amongst those present at the launch.

“Statistics from NSW and Queensland show that student in these groups perform better than or at the same level as other students. We hope to be able to extend the reach of this program to a larger group in 2013,” Professor Emmitt said.

The Year 12 students pictured here are doing Year 1 ACU Health Science units and will hopefully follow this up with Nursing unit next year. The Faculty of Health Sciences is looking forward to introducing a new wave of well prepared Year 12 students to ACU in 2013!

Image includes: Associate Professor Karen Nightingale, Deputy Head of School, Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine (Vic); Professor Michelle Campbell, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences; Dr Andrew Watson, Principal (Thomas Carr College) and Year 11 students from Thomas Carr College.