Health Sciences

ACU students take part in RECOGNISE THIS Paste Up Project

In October 2014, RMIT and ACU students took part in the RECOGNISE THIS Paste Up project on the Melbourne campus.

RECOGNISE THIS is a national youth-led campaign to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our constitution and to remove any elements of racial discrimination from our constitution. The RECOGNISE THIS Paste Up is a 6-week participatory street art project, that takes place in 9 universities across Australia, to engage young Australians in the movement for constitutional recognition.

The Age and Brisbane times featured a video of RMIT and ACU students as they paste up a series of images of young people who support the RECOGNISE THIS campaign.

In 2015, the committee hopes to invite a speaker to give a presentation on an emerging public health issue and also undertake a food drive for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre.