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ACU lecturer to represent state at National Youth Conference

Bre Jennings Paramedicine lecturer Australian Catholic University Paramedic lecturer Bre Jennings has recently been selected by Youth Link Australia Leaders to attend the 2015 National Youth Conference in Canberra. She will be one of two hundred young Australians representing her state by attending the five-day conference in April. Bre’s role as a paramedic and her strong interest in youth health, particularly substance use, featured strongly in her application.

“It is an amazing opportunity to be selected for the conference, especially as I work with so many young people and am exposed to many youth issues. It will be exciting to hear other ideas and concepts around the subject to then bring back to the university, which will hopefully make a big difference in some key areas of importance,” she said. The conference is an opportunity for young people to discuss and debate contemporary national and international issues. Five working groups will prepare reports for government on key areas such as climate change, international relations, agriculture and sustainable development, science and technology and a national youth issue task force. “I am excited to have been appointed a part of the national youth issue task force, and I hope to contribute comprehensively to this working group.”

As an example of Bre’s commitment to youth health she will soon head a team of five researchers, who the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat Foundation has funded, to conduct research into the attitudes and perceptions about the use of methamphetamines in young people. “As part of the research project we aim to collect data from the Ballarat area to then be able to give informed intervention strategies into this issue among young people. The project will commence this year, and we hope it will become an ongoing project, so that we can introduce some useful and meaningful long term interventions,” said Bre. Members of the research team will work with key influencers of adolescents by looking at their support systems and then plan to introduce constructive educational programs to bring about change.

“ACU wishes to thank the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat Foundation for their on-going support of the university, particularly in its commitment to service and bring about change in the community,” Bre said.

Written by Sarah Boswell
Marketing Coordinator, Australian Catholic University