Health Sciences

ACU graduate and registered nurse awarded best graduate prize 2014

Registered critical care nurse at St John of God Ballarat Hospital and Australian Catholic University graduate, Raj Kuriakose was this month awarded the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses Victoria (ACCCNV) best graduate prize for 2014. A huge achievement, the ACCCNV is one of the biggest research bodies in the country.

The presentation took place at the Pullman Melbourne Hotel, and Mr Kuriakose was honored yet surprised to be receiving such a well respected award. 

Raj Kuriakose completed a postgraduate degree in critical care nursing through ACU, and in combination with St John of God and St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne. Mr Kuriakose says it was hard work to balance work, study and home life. A supportive family, a dedicated work and study ethic, and a workplace that provided the ideal grounding to complete the course was the key to his success.

Born in India, Mr Kuriakose now 35 years of age, immigrated to Australia in 2006 as a registered nurse. When he arrived, he completed a three-month bridging course and is now a clinical nursing specialist.

The Australian Catholic University is incredibly proud of Mr Kuriakose, and wish him all the best in his future career.