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Study Catholic Education – Mission, Culture and Spirituality in Rome

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The Faculty of Education and Arts is pleased to offer the postgraduate unit Catholic Education – Mission, Culture and Spirituality (EDCE600) at the ACU Rome Centre. This 20 credit point unit can be taken as an elective in one of ACU’s suite of Postgraduate Master’s level courses. This study tour unit will be offered in Rome from 26 June to 14 July, 2017.

Expressions of interest are open until 30 November

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Course Overview

As places of learning and believing, Catholic schools contribute to the evangelising mission of the Church. School communities have deep theological foundations and spiritual traditions and charisms that can assist in realising the ecclesial identity and mission of schools. In various ways, the Vatican documents on Catholic education and schooling express the mission of these Catholic institutions in terms of integrating faith, life and culture.

This unit EDCE600, taught by ACU staff at the Rome Campus of ACU, focuses on key documents concerning Catholic education and schooling, the role of schools in realising the mission of the Church, and how spiritualties and charisms can contribute to the culture of Catholic schools and communion. The learning outcomes of the unit have been mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and the leadership profile for Principals.

The unit consists of three modules: Mission and Purpose of Catholic Schools; Realising Mission; and Schools as Communities of Faith.In addition to lectures and workshops, participants will take part in excursions to the Vatican Museum, Gardens and Crypt, the Basilicas of St Peter, St John Lateran, St Paul Outside the Walls and St Mary Major, the town of Assisi and other places of religious significance to Catholic education and schooling.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Critically analyse the development of understandings related to the purpose and mission of Catholic education and schools (APST 6.2L)
  2. Critique contrasting and contesting understandings of the mission and identity of Catholic schools in various cultural contexts (APST 6.2L)
  3. Appraise and critique the ecclesial identity of Catholic schools and implications for building schools as communities of faith (APST 1.3 L)
  4. Explore how spiritualties and charisms may help realise the mission of Catholic schools and inform their identity (APST6.3 HA)
  5. Analyse and report on issues of substantial importance for Catholic education internationally (APST 1, 3, 4 & 5).

Please visit to access the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and leadership profile for Principals.


To be eligible to undertake this elective unit students must be enrolled in an ACU Postgraduate Master’s level course in any of the following:

Cross-institution credit arrangements may be applicable.


There are three assessment tasks in this 20cp unit, including: a task focusing on Church documents related to Catholic education; an analytical essay; and a case study or report.

Draft Program

Day/ Date Morning Afternoon Meals

Monday 26 June

Lecture: Catholic Education Workshop

Congregation for Catholic Education

Morning Tea & Lunch

Tuesday 27 June

Lecture Workshop: History & Development Religious Orders – context for charisms

Colosseum & Forum

Morning Tea & Lunch

Wednesday 28 June

Lecture Workshop:

Possible Papal audience

St Peters Basilica

Ecclesial Movements Dinner at Domus Australia

Thursday 29 June

Lecture Workshop: Marian Spirituality

St Mary Major Basilica

Morning Tea & Lunch

Friday 30 June

Lecture Workshop: Joy of Love

Pontifical Council for Families

Morning Tea

Monday 3 July

Lecture Workshop: Benedictine spirituality


Morning Tea & Lunch

Tuesday 4 July

Lecture Workshop: CST & Laudato Si’

St Paul Outside the Walls

Sant’ Egidio Community (input, visit, vespers)

Morning Tea & Lunch

Wednesday 5 July

Lecture: Franciscan Spirituality


Vatican Museums

Morning Tea & Lunch

Thursday 6 July


Evening Group Meal

Friday 7 July

Assisi and return to Rome late afternoon

Monday 10 July

Lecture Workshop


Morning Tea & Lunch

Tuesday 11 July

Lecture Workshop

San Clemente

St John Lateran

Morning Tea & Lunch

Wednesday 12 July

Lecture Workshop: Jesuit Spirituality

Il Gesu

Rooms of Ignatus

Morning Tea & Lunch

Thursday 13 July

Lecture Workshop

San Stefano Rotondo

House Church

St Cecelia

Morning Tea & Lunch

Friday 14 July

Lecture: Drawing Threads together

Closing Mass



  • sponsored cohort $4,680.00 per participant;
  • non-sponsored $5528.00 per participant;
  • auditing $3450.00 per participant. (attending study tour but not as an enrolled ACU student)

Costs include tuition fees, site fees, transportation and some meals. (Exclusive of airline fares, accommodation, airport transfers).

What were the highlights of the Rome Study tour in 2016?

2016 cohort

Pictured above are students from the 2016 cohort.

“Main highlights were conversation with Archbishop Paglia at Pontifical Council for Families; San E’gidio visit and discussion; mass in St Ignatius’ bedroom; networking with colleagues.”

“Where to start! It was a true education of heart, hand and head. The immersion was brilliant both professionally and spiritually. I have a broader understanding of our Catholic culture, its many facets, the religious orders and movements.”

“The lectures from both Peta and David from ACU who gave in-depth insights into Pope Francis’ mission and from where this comes.”

“James (Rome-based lecturer) was outstanding and it was a privilege to work with him. His knowledge and understanding of the Christian tradition was amazing.”

”I found the whole experience very uplifting and unlike any experience I have had. The quality and relevance of every session and activity to my personal and spiritual growth is something I will carry with me as a person and as a leader for the rest of my days.”

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About the center

rome centre

Located on Rome’s famous Janiculum Hill, the five-storey property is just a 10-minute drive from Vatican City and is the design work of Gio Ponti, one of the most famous and influential architects of the 20th century. The facilities at the Centre include residential accommodation, catering facilities, well-equipped teaching spaces, a library and chapel and two large external terraces.

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