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Educational Assessment

Assessment is now at the forefront of processes for educational improvement, both in terms of policy and practice. Yet research shows a lack of deep understanding and expertise, among educational professionals, of research-based principles for effective assessment policy and practice. 

Our new Master of Educational Assessment provides a comprehensive treatment of assessment theory, practice and research, as a basis for:

  • Applying theory-based theories and research-based findings in educational assessment
  • Engaging in critical and constructive analysis of assessment policy and practice
  • Developing high quality approaches in your own and your school's assessment practice
  • Acquiring capabilities for undertaking research and evaluation on assessment.

This course is for teachers, administrators and others who want to develop professional knowledge and understanding in educational assessment. The Masters of Educational Assessment (1.5 years full-time or equivalent part-time) aims to produce experts and leaders in designing and evaluating assessment policies and practices based on foundational principle and research. Place yourself at the forefront of knowledge and expertise in educational assessment with a unique qualification of outstanding depth, coherence and quality.

If you hold a relevant AQF Level 8 qualification, such as Graduate Certificate in Education, Graduate Diploma in Education or Honours in Education, you may be eligible to complete the full course in 1 year.

You will learn:

  • Understanding of foundational theories and research-based principles for policy and practice in educational assessment.
  • Analytical and research-based enquiry into improved educational assessment policy and practice for better student learning.Input from frontline international researchers on educational assessment at ACU and elsewhere.

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