Education and Arts

Seminar May 2016

Integration of Catholic Social Teaching across the curriculum

At the Seminar teachers from three schools spoke about their approaches to integrating Catholic Social Teaching into particular Units during 2015. The teachers who presented were:

  • Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, Bray Park – Helen Bachmann, Rebecca Burke
  • St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, Alexandra Hills – Leanne Bridge
  • St Columban’s College, Caboolture – Jozef Friedmann, Paul Schaumberg, Andrew Skinner, Raechel Fletcher, Reuben Pather.

Each school chose particular principles of Catholic Social Teaching as follows:

  • Holy Spirit, Bray Park: The Dignity of the Human Person; Human Equality; Stewardship of Creation in English, History, Visual Art with Year 6.
  • St. Anthony’s, Alexandra Hills: Stewardship of Creation in Religion, Geography, English, Science, Mathematics with Year 3.
  • St Columban’s, Caboolture: Stewardship of Creation in Biology, Human Impact on Ecosystems, with Year 12.

These teachers’ Power-Point presentations may be viewed at the following links: