Education and Arts

General Research Activities

A. What do teachers and school leaders in Queensland Catholic schools think about the relationship between identity and curriculum?

Two complementary approaches are being employed to address this question.

  • An electronic survey, designed in collaboration with representatives of the five Queensland Catholic Education Offices, to establish teachers’
  • reasons for working in Catholic education,
  • self-ratings of their knowledge of Catholic teaching
  • perceptions of the purposes of Catholic schools
  • perceptions of the identity and characteristics of Catholic schools
  • opinions regarding the planned integration of a Catholic perspective into the formal curriculum
  • practices regarding the planned integration of a Catholic perspective into the formal curriculum
  • confidence and willingness to integrate a Catholic perspective across the curriculum in a planned way.

The survey instrument was circulated electronically, using Qualtrics software, in March 2014 to 6,832 teachers and subsequently administered in hard copy format at staff meetings in approximately 50 schools. Complete responses were received from 2287 teachers, representing a response rate of 33.5%. See draft teacher report (PDF, 756KB)

Forthcoming paper: Gleeson, J., O’Gorman, J., O’Neill, M. (2018). The identity of Catholic schools as seen by teachers in Catholic schools in Queensland. International Studies in Catholic Education.

Associated links: Appendix 1 (PDF); Appendix 2 (PDF)

Interviews with volunteer teachers and school leaders to illuminate the survey findings with particular reference to the questions of curriculum and identity. Nineteen interviews have been completed to date. See draft report (PDF, 81KB)

B. What relevant examples of good practice are available?

Links are being developed with the Institute for Catholic Education, Ontario; Catholic Educational Leadership Program, University of San Francisco; London Institute; University of Glasgow and Catholic Schools Partnership, Ireland

Two case reports on the integration of Catholic Social Teaching principles across the curriculum have been prepared to date.

C. Student teachers’ opinions, beliefs and attitudes concerning faith-based education and identity

168 first year student teachers at ACU completed a purpose-designed survey in March 2014. Descriptive account of the findings (PDF, 1.5MB)

The Defining Issues Test of Moral Reasoning was administered to ACU first year student teachers in April 2014. Summary report (PDF, 55KB)


Study of teachers' perceptions of their roles vis-a-vis moral/ethics education in Catholic schools in Australia and Ireland; findings were presented at the Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, April, 2014.