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Identity and Curriculum in Catholic Education

The Identity and Curriculum in Catholic Education Project is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Queensland Catholic Education Offices, the Sisters of Mercy, Edmund Rice Education and the Presentation Sisters in partnership with Australian Catholic University. The purpose of this project is to bring a Catholic perspective to the general school curriculum that will complement Religious Education and the religious life of the school.

This project is led by Dr. Jim Gleeson, the inaugural Professor of Identity of Identity and Curriculum at ACU. In collaboration with the Catholic Education authorities and schools, Professor Gleeson collates and conducts research that will inform the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative approaches to the integration of a Catholic perspective across the curriculum in a range of disciplines.

The feasibility of this initiative depends primarily on the support of school leaders and teachers. The project is currently seeking teacher volunteers who are prepared, in collaboration with the project team, to explore and research ways of integrating a Catholic perspective across the curriculum.

This initiative will inform and enhance professional learning opportunities for teachers in Catholic schools and for pre-service teachers who plan to work in the Catholic Education system.

Main project activities

  • Establishing base-line data through:
    1. an electronic survey of the relevant opinions and practices of teachers and school leaders in Queensland Catholic schools;
    2. in-depth interviews with a sample of volunteer survey respondents to illuminate the survey findings
  • Enquiry-based action research with volunteer teachers to establish the feasibility of integrating a Catholic perspective across the formal school curriculum. Preparation of case reports on schools where key principles of Catholic Social Teaching are already being integrated across the curriculum
  • Networking with relevant international agencies, groups and individuals.
  • Conducting longitudinal research with ACU student teachers.

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