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Develop Curriculum in Solomon Islands

ACU offers Bachelor of Education (Primary) students across its campuses the opportunity to undertake professional experience placements in the Solomon Islands.

As a part of the program, pre-service teachers teach year one to year six classrooms in one of two partner schools in the Solomon Islands. Over 4-5 weeks of teaching, they are challenged to work with local infrastructure and teaching resources and learn to think creatively and develop an engaging curriculum using available resources.

Pre-service teachers will receive a New Colombo Plan Scholarship of $3000. In addition, students are able to apply for the VC Travel Grant of $500 and OS-HELP loan to assist with the cost of the trip.

Alyssa Panozzo

Alyssa Panozzo, Bachelor of Education (Primary)

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to challenge myself and learn how to become a more efficient and effective teacher. One of the most incredible parts of the teaching experience was the enthusiasm, not only from the students, but also from the teachers. They were keen to improve their own practice and it was amazing to be able to pass on new teaching practices to another teacher.

Through my course, I had the opportunity to experience teaching in another country, within a completely different culture. It was particularly challenging as we had limited resources available on hand and had to think creatively to make the most effective use of the resources.