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Academic Credit

ACU students enrolled in selected postgraduate education program may be eligible to receive One Unit of unspecified credit (10 Credit Points) towards their program.

Students seeking One Unit of unspecified credit through this proposal are required to:

  1. be enrolled as a postgraduate student at ACU and be fully registered for the Conference
  2. attend at least 18 hours of the ACU Leadership Conference presentations or workshops over three days
  3. participate in a compulsory debriefing session of at least one hour at the conclusion of each day’s activities
  4. engage in post-conference, reflection, reading and analysis equivalent to 50 hours
  5. conduct research and writing for the assessment task of approximately 80 hours

Students enrolled in the Master of Education, Master of Religious Education, Master of Educational Leadership and Master in Educational Systems Leadership programs at ACU may be eligible for credit.

Click here to view Academic Credit guidelines (PDF, 300Kb).

Page last updated: 26 Jun 2017

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